Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's the 9th? Really?!?

My how times flys when you are having fun!
I haven't stopped practicing. I kind of jumped the gun a little again. I decided I was better at this than I really am. I have to make that one word a chant. Practice, practice, practice.
I just went ahead and started warp for five yards, 30" across. It's rug warp, so fairly thin (string-like). First mistake I made was thinking I needed 825 lengths give or take a few. Where the heck did I get that number??? There are only 320 holes/slats in my heddle. Well, I cut all those lengths. I was saying to myself as I was measuring them all out on my warping board, "I know why people like to weave, this is very soothing, very meditative." I liked it. Going around and around 825 (give or take) times.
I put labels on this picture so you could see what I am talking about. If you click on it, you can actually see the words!

Then when I went to dress the heddle, I realized the err of my ways. Had to laugh at myself. Gung-ho doesn't look good on me. I need to pull back my reins a bit and READ. MY. DIRECTIONS. What a concept, huh?
I proceeded with my dressing. I managed to tangle the threads. I mean TANGLE. I got it untangled just in time to find out that I was winding the warp on going in the wrong direction! Geez! Then I found I really couldn't get this warp on the warping board without two or three extra hands.

So, late last night I said good night to my loom and went to bed. It may be a few days before I can get back to it. There's too much to do in the meantime and there are fewer people in my house right now. MD has gone off to her friends house, about a two hour drive from here. Apparently, they need her help to pay bills there. I want to wish them luck. She paid for very little here.
Bad news we got was my youngest daughter's boyfriend's Dad passed away Sunday night. My daughter felt horrible, because she was the last one to talk to him. She went in and said good night and a half hour later he was gone. She is having to grow up a little bit now. Seeing death has a way of doing that to you. She is being very supportive of the family, doing everything she can that they are too emotionally drained to think of. I am glad she is there. They really need her energy right now. Her boyfriend just went through back surgery and is in more pain than I know. He was very close to his dad and is just devastated. At least he was able to spend some good quality time with his dad the last few months.

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  1. Oh, that's so sad, but I'm glad she is able to help out in some way. YD that is. MD will be back but in the mean time, sounds like you're enjoying your new toy. Sounds way too complicated for me.

    Me and my boy are discovering the challenges (mine) of him back living at home. Some days I long for the little boy he once was. We just had a huge fight and I never new he had so much anger in him. They do love us, right? Sometimes I wonder :)

    Happy looming sweetie ((Hugs))