Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice

After spending the better part of yesterday running down parts for my truck and then delivering said parts to my daughter for truck repair, I was finally home and anxious to start working with my loom. Of course, other things got in the way like some sleep. A little nap was at hand after all the driving. I'm sure if we had driven a straight line, we would have been in New York by the time we got done!
By the way, the truck runs, now I just have to muster up the energy to take it to get a smog test again and then run by the DMV to get the final paperwork on the registration. It all needs to get done today, because tomorrow I am back at work. I have been driving without my current tags. Here cop...come and ticket me...
I did finally get some practice in. I warped the loom the other night, but ended up cutting that warp off along with the others I cut and put in the stuffing jar. I re-warped it last thing last night and put me to bed.
This morning I got this...

I still have such a long way to go before I think I am ready for the big "Ta-Da" I am having fun practicing. That is a first for me. Usually, I want to be perfect at something from the get go and I don't give myself a chance to develop anything. This time I am taking my time.

Speaking of weather...
This was last week:

And this is today (the date on my camera is wrong)

It looks as though I have made up for the lack of pictures last time.
Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Pictures...Just a Few Words.

I have been messing around with the loom. I just haven't been getting any where with it. I did a warp and then found it was on the loom backwards. That was after I found I had skipped a few holes on my heddle. I fixed those, started weaving and then realized it was backwards.
I cut that off thinking I would put the warp on correctly, tangled it up so bad I put it in my stuffing jar, and started a new warp. I messed that up, cut it up and quit for the night. I knew this was going to happen. I do something really good the first time out. BECAUSE I READ THE DIRECTIONS AS I WENT ALONG. Lesson learned. I started a new warp the day before yesterday. I finally started getting it on my rollers. (I'm so tired I can't think of the correct terms for things right now) N E WAY...I started tying the warp onto the front bar and realized that I had forgotten to dress the heddle. Um..that is essential to weaving...the heddle must be dressed. My daughter called me to dinner and I said perfect timing. I ate her yummy chicken and rice soup turned casserole. I am posting this, I am going to bed and after work tomorrow, I am tackling the loom again. This time slowly and deliberately.
I will master this...I WILL!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So, I Jumped the Gun.

I got so excited about putting the loom together and playing with it, I forgot pictures altogether. Oops! So shoot me.
I had the loom put together on Thursday night, then had to leave it to take a shower and get ready for work. Friday I figured would go slow, but we were extremely busy at work. (Love it!) Unfortunately, I lifted a tote that was a little too heavy for me and pulled something out of whack in my back. I didn't know that until Saturday two hours into work. I had to come home and medicate myself, and give my back a chance to move itself back into a better position.
I didn't get a chance to "play" with the loom until Sunday night. I did get to make a small warp and dress the heddle. Monday I actually weaved...wove...whatever, I got to do the actually action I have been waiting for. And this is the result...

It's not perfect, but it is so much better than I expected I would do for my first weaving. I can do a lot better with lots of practice.
I tried the second way to make a warp with some smaller thread. It does take a little time to do these warps and dress the heddle, but I am enjoying it so far.

I have a goal and I am just excited to be finally working toward that goal. So far, this is all I wanted it to be. I feel good to learn a new skill mostly on my own, where I will be able to make actual things that will be used in every day life. Once I have gotten better at this I will be making dish towels and cloths, table runners, place mats, and maybe even some fabric to make a shirt or something with. I know that is more expensive and time consuming, but it also seems so more gratifying.
More later...I need to go practice some more!

Friday, February 11, 2011

It Arrived!!!

Yes! My new Kromski Rigid Heddle Harp is here!
It is still wrapped up though, it came so late last night, 6:45. WOW! I was like a little kid on pins and needles waiting.
I did open the box and fondle the parts still wrapped up in their protective paper. I got out the paper work that came with it and thoroughly read through everything. Today when I finally get home from work I will start unwrapping and piecing together. Hopefully, I will get home early enough to do some justice with pictures.
I have a few stops to make before I get home though. It's going to be a long, slow day...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time Slips By

Yes, I had so much to say, I couldn't get it all on paper! Or...monitor.
I had a thought today that I could use this blog to keep a journal of my newest endeavor. The Loom!
It comes on Thursday.
I hope to start from the bottom up on this. Take pictures of the box as it arrives on my doorstep. Maybe not, I'll be at work when that happens. But I'll for sure take pictures of each step. The unopened box, then the opened box. Then me trying really hard to not say bad words as I put it together. I have read a lot about this particular loom I ordered. The company that imports them here already seems like a wonderful company. So far, the customer service is spectacular. There are videos and pictures and all kinds of tips about each product they import.
The company is New Voyager Trading .
The loom I ordered is the Harp...32". I figured it would be better to start off with the biggest one, because if I want to make something smaller I can, and I still have the option to go wider.
So be watching this space as my Other World unfolds. I'm going to journal my mistakes as well as my successes.