Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So, I Jumped the Gun.

I got so excited about putting the loom together and playing with it, I forgot pictures altogether. Oops! So shoot me.
I had the loom put together on Thursday night, then had to leave it to take a shower and get ready for work. Friday I figured would go slow, but we were extremely busy at work. (Love it!) Unfortunately, I lifted a tote that was a little too heavy for me and pulled something out of whack in my back. I didn't know that until Saturday two hours into work. I had to come home and medicate myself, and give my back a chance to move itself back into a better position.
I didn't get a chance to "play" with the loom until Sunday night. I did get to make a small warp and dress the heddle. Monday I actually weaved...wove...whatever, I got to do the actually action I have been waiting for. And this is the result...

It's not perfect, but it is so much better than I expected I would do for my first weaving. I can do a lot better with lots of practice.
I tried the second way to make a warp with some smaller thread. It does take a little time to do these warps and dress the heddle, but I am enjoying it so far.

I have a goal and I am just excited to be finally working toward that goal. So far, this is all I wanted it to be. I feel good to learn a new skill mostly on my own, where I will be able to make actual things that will be used in every day life. Once I have gotten better at this I will be making dish towels and cloths, table runners, place mats, and maybe even some fabric to make a shirt or something with. I know that is more expensive and time consuming, but it also seems so more gratifying.
More later...I need to go practice some more!


  1. What an interesting new hobby! I can't wait to see the results.

  2. Once you master this, you can SELL stuff. I'll buy LOL


  3. this does look VERY interesting....you are very crafty and I admire that. Can you do that with yarn? I am looking for a small thing (blanket type thing) that has long fringe that I can put in a basket to photograph babies.....if you could do something for me I would be honored and would buy it from you! win/win deal going here!