Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice

After spending the better part of yesterday running down parts for my truck and then delivering said parts to my daughter for truck repair, I was finally home and anxious to start working with my loom. Of course, other things got in the way like some sleep. A little nap was at hand after all the driving. I'm sure if we had driven a straight line, we would have been in New York by the time we got done!
By the way, the truck runs, now I just have to muster up the energy to take it to get a smog test again and then run by the DMV to get the final paperwork on the registration. It all needs to get done today, because tomorrow I am back at work. I have been driving without my current tags. Here cop...come and ticket me...
I did finally get some practice in. I warped the loom the other night, but ended up cutting that warp off along with the others I cut and put in the stuffing jar. I re-warped it last thing last night and put me to bed.
This morning I got this...

I still have such a long way to go before I think I am ready for the big "Ta-Da" I am having fun practicing. That is a first for me. Usually, I want to be perfect at something from the get go and I don't give myself a chance to develop anything. This time I am taking my time.

Speaking of weather...
This was last week:

And this is today (the date on my camera is wrong)

It looks as though I have made up for the lack of pictures last time.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Hi Claudia! I'm always shocked (but happy!) that someone is still reading my stuff.
    Weaving!! How cool. I haven't tried that, I'm gonna keep a close eye and see how you end up doing, looks pretty cool so far.
    I blew the motor in my truck on NYEve. :( Whadda hassle, I fee for you. One of the things I look at while I'm whiling away my time in the cab is license plates ... I ran across one a bit back that had expired almost 7 years before. I'm guessing you might have a *little* time before you get pulled over. heh

  2. Smog stuff is a hassle. Have you seen any of those signs around some mechanic shops that say they can get your vehicle to pass deq "100% guaranteed"? I've actually seen some stuff in the stores auto section that say the same thing. And I know that our mechanics that work on the cabs have *some* way of tweaking our cabs to where they pass. Could be some other options. :)

    So, Dean Koontz ... have you read the Frankenstein series? It's my absolute fave stuff from him, ever. I've been trying to force myself to read something "decent" in between all the crap I read (I read about 10 books a week) and I just read "Wuthering Heights". I can't believe how sucked in I got. NOW I see what the stink was all about. heh


  3. Wondering why this post showed up in google reader just now...5 days old. I'm not ignoring you LOL

    The loom is way more that I could tackle but I'm proud of you for not demanding too much of yourself and enjoying the process. Maybe I'll learn from you (patience).

    My S-10 is still running thank God. I'm leaking power steering fluid and have been for about 3 years. They fill it up. It leaks. Repeat. LOL

    Love you!!

  4. Well...happy belated birthday to your "baby" girl. :)

  5. what??? YOU have daffodils???? not here, not yet...I can't wait though!