Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Pictures...Just a Few Words.

I have been messing around with the loom. I just haven't been getting any where with it. I did a warp and then found it was on the loom backwards. That was after I found I had skipped a few holes on my heddle. I fixed those, started weaving and then realized it was backwards.
I cut that off thinking I would put the warp on correctly, tangled it up so bad I put it in my stuffing jar, and started a new warp. I messed that up, cut it up and quit for the night. I knew this was going to happen. I do something really good the first time out. BECAUSE I READ THE DIRECTIONS AS I WENT ALONG. Lesson learned. I started a new warp the day before yesterday. I finally started getting it on my rollers. (I'm so tired I can't think of the correct terms for things right now) N E WAY...I started tying the warp onto the front bar and realized that I had forgotten to dress the heddle. Um..that is essential to weaving...the heddle must be dressed. My daughter called me to dinner and I said perfect timing. I ate her yummy chicken and rice soup turned casserole. I am posting this, I am going to bed and after work tomorrow, I am tackling the loom again. This time slowly and deliberately.
I will master this...I WILL!!!

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  1. This was confusing to my "heddle". I don't have a clue, but have no doubt that you will master this.

    I admire your determination and will wait patiently to see results LOL