Monday, November 21, 2011

Okay, Suddenly, I can write a new post. What is blogger trying to tell me? Get with it? Get on it? Get off it? I dunno. I just know that yesterday and many days before that I couldn't write a post for either of my blogs. Not that I have had much to say. I have been weaving little. I have given myself lessons on the big loom and I like the results. I just need lots o' practice. It's still fun...when I get out there to the "Loom Room". Things have just moved forward here. I took my wild dog Trey to an actual dog park, where I could turn him loose and not be afraid of losing him. He did really well. He sniffed the other dogs and then went about his business of figuring out what the smell was along the fence line. I am so happy that he can go to this park. It will get some of his crazy energy out. Maybe even someday I wil be able to walk him like a real dog caregiver! Well, now that I can write, I will have to upload some pictures and share them. If I get to do that! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yes!!! I'm Legal!!!

Today is the perfect end to a perfect three day weekend.
It started on Sunday. I took the day off because it was my birthday (I'm 58 now, I am proud to say) My oldest daughter took me to brunch at a local favorite restaurant. I had the waffles with fresh berries. Yum, yum! I also had a Mamosa. I don't drink much, so one small little champagne glass was just enough. We went to Serramonte so she could get her eyebrows done and then we came home.
I spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out on the computer and lounging around. Oh! We did put together a second Adirondack chair that I had purchased a few years back. (don't want to rush into these things ya know)
I also did a little warping of the loom, rather I starting warping. I want to weave a baby blanket for a great niece who is due in September. (Can't start early enough on these things...just in case it doesn't turn out like I want)
The for dinner my oldest daughter BBQ'd a steak for me and hot dogs for everyone else. She asked what I wanted for dinner, and we don't get steak much, so that is what I asked for. She made potato salad and a green salad as well. Dinner was delicious and the company was fun...We all got to laughing over some silly thing or another and had tears in our eyes before long. It felt wonderful.
Yesterday I took the S-10 to a mechanic recommended by my BIL. The mechanic looked through the paperwork I had gotten from my previous smog tests and told me the truck needs a catalytic converter. He doesn't do those, but the guy in back of him does.
I went over there for a quote and then told them I would need to see if there are enough funds for that. (It was cheap enough, but I still have bills to pay) I called them later and they had me bring it in today at 8AM.
I went down there this morning, the owner of the shop drove me home and told me it'd be about noon before they could finish. So I did all my housework. He picked me up and I paid him, got my truck and went directly to the smog check place. IT PASSED!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! So I went to DMV and got my tags. YAY! I finally don't have to freak out every time I see a cop or highway patrol. In fact, on my way home I saw a cop and said ninner ninner to him. Not so that he could hear me though.
What is left of my day, I think after I eat this really spicy burrito is a nice bike ride. I treated myself to a helmet today too!
Wish me luck! What are you all Yay'ing about today?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wow, it's been more than a minute!

And I knew that, I did!
I have been doing all kinds of fun things. One of them was being sick. No, wait the fun part there was getting over it. I think I lost about five pounds without trying. Not quite the way I want to do that. I am well now. So I won't be complaining about it any.On the Trey front, I have done two positive things with him. One was yesterday. I went and picked up a used kennel from a fellow freecycler. I love that site! I watched every day until I found what I wanted. I found a few. One was too small. One person had two she wanted to give up, but they got snatched before I could respond to her. I tried anyway and she said that one person couldn't pick theirs up, so it was still available. I picked it up just after noon yesterday, came home and put it in the garage. When my oldest daughter came home I went to show her the kennel and Trey went right in. This was just after explaining that it would probably take a lot of coaxing and treats to get him in there. Dude just went in circled a few times and laid down! Now when I go out to the garage to do something he follows and goes in his kennel. I love it! Maybe he spent part of his previous life in a kennel and it is comforting to him. No matter what...I love it! The second thing regarding Trey is I finally made that collar. It works fantastic. I took him outside in the front yard for more than five minutes. A few people walked by with their dogs, one couple went by with a stroller. Trey woofed at them, but stayed right by my side, with very little effort on my part. I will now be able to take him for walks. Which will in turn wear him out, and that will in turn make it easier to get him to listen to commands and understand what I want from him. We're making headway here people!
On the weaving front. I have been doing a lot of reading and watching a DVD by Jane Patrick. She teaches solely Rigid Heddle weaving on this DVD. She goes through how to warp the loom quickly and then goes into different techniques to do different colors and textures. I could watch her over and over. She is very thorough and speaks clearly. Today I put some of what I learned into practice. (and yes, I will continue to practice) Below are some of the progress I have made. This was all today. I know it isn't much, but there is a lot of tearing apart that goes into this too!

The other day when I was driving home, I saw this truck and thought what it said on the back was funny. I had to get a picture of it. You'll probably have to click on the picture to blow it up to read what it says.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not enough to do

While I was getting ready for work this morning, I found there were a few chores I was going to have to do when I got home. I always start up my truck to warm it up and defrost the windows. The headlights always go on when the truck is running.
I went around to wipe off the side windows and noticed one of the headlights is out. (chore #1) Then when I went to go back in the house I noticed that my reverse light was on. But...the truck is not in reverse. I still haven't gotten the current tags for my truck and I was thinking I don't really want to draw attention to myself by having the reverse light on. I went and jiggled the gear shift and the light went out, but I realized that there was only one of the reverse lights lit, so I picked up a bulb for that while I was getting the headlight. (chore #2)
I got a 5-speed cruiser for $20 from my neighbor Sunday. It is in desperate need of lubrication. (chore #3) I also found a dog collar that is supposed to be good for aggressive/dominant dogs. I have one of those, so I bought the stuff to make the collar instead of spending $14.50 +S/H and waiting two weeks for it. (chore #4)
Then there is my weaving I want to do...not a chore, but I want to get on it.
I suppose I should go and get busy with stuff, I can't put these things off forever.
Oh yeah! Since I slept most of Sunday and Monday, I felt a little more human Tuesday. Today is even better. It's amazing what sleep can do!
Ahem: I got one of those chores done yesterday! I lubricated the bike. I was sold the wrong bulb for the headlight, so I couldn't do that. I didn't want to pull apart my truck light lenses one at a time so I put off the reverse light bulb until I have the right headlight. I just wasn't feeling the dog collar. No weaving either! I made dinner, ate and went to bed. Today my stomach is giving me fits, so I am staying home from work. I'm tired.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Not feeling it

I have been weaving, or should I say attempting to weave. I folded up that last project like they said I could, and moved the loom, table and all my accessories to my back room. When everything was settled in back there, I folded the loom, like they said I could. The difference there is that it didn't unfold like they said it would. I got another tangled mess. I tried to detangle it, to no avail. So once again I started over. With different threads.
Today I am sick. So sick. Okay maybe not So sick as I am a big baby when it comes to being sick. I thought it was allergies. (Spring has sprung) I feel worse than just allergies. I came home after an hour and a half at work. Went to bed, slept on and off all day and night. Now my back is stiff. I can't win for losing.
But today I am getting a stand for my loom. I couldn't resist. I can take the loom into my bedroom and sit and watch DVD's about weaving while I am weaving. Maybe I will learn something!
Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Progress

I set everything aside for a couple of days. I left it in the front room, in the way of everything. It meant I was going to get back to it as soon as I possibly could. Monday MD and I tackled the tangled weft. I am finding that MD is more into "let's get 'er done" than I am at times! It pleased me that she just jumped right in and wanted to settle the tangled web I have made. We got it done and I got a few inches of weaving done yesterday. As I have said before, I am using up whatever yarns I have around here to practice with. I want to practice with all the free stuff I have around the house before I go spending big bucks on the good stuff. I used rug weft for this one. It was some I bought from e-bay. I only spent $35 on about 7 spools. I think these spools will last me for a while. Although with my silly calculations (you all thinking I knew what I was doing) I may tangle more than I actually use. The tangled stuff will be used for stuffing pillows or something.
At any are the newest results:

Sunday we went to YD's B/F's Dad's memorial. I hadn't met him yet. I so wish that I had. There was standing room only in the church, and such beautiful things were said about the man. My daughter was devastated at his passing. He was the gentle dad that she really deserved in life. I am so grateful that she had a chance to live with the family. She knows now that all father's are not ugly.
The little town where they live is the kind I wish I lived in now. It is a kindly little farming community where everyone takes care of everyone. It's a beautiful little place.

I'm going to go and do some more weaving. I am addicted!
I hope all is well with you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's the 9th? Really?!?

My how times flys when you are having fun!
I haven't stopped practicing. I kind of jumped the gun a little again. I decided I was better at this than I really am. I have to make that one word a chant. Practice, practice, practice.
I just went ahead and started warp for five yards, 30" across. It's rug warp, so fairly thin (string-like). First mistake I made was thinking I needed 825 lengths give or take a few. Where the heck did I get that number??? There are only 320 holes/slats in my heddle. Well, I cut all those lengths. I was saying to myself as I was measuring them all out on my warping board, "I know why people like to weave, this is very soothing, very meditative." I liked it. Going around and around 825 (give or take) times.
I put labels on this picture so you could see what I am talking about. If you click on it, you can actually see the words!

Then when I went to dress the heddle, I realized the err of my ways. Had to laugh at myself. Gung-ho doesn't look good on me. I need to pull back my reins a bit and READ. MY. DIRECTIONS. What a concept, huh?
I proceeded with my dressing. I managed to tangle the threads. I mean TANGLE. I got it untangled just in time to find out that I was winding the warp on going in the wrong direction! Geez! Then I found I really couldn't get this warp on the warping board without two or three extra hands.

So, late last night I said good night to my loom and went to bed. It may be a few days before I can get back to it. There's too much to do in the meantime and there are fewer people in my house right now. MD has gone off to her friends house, about a two hour drive from here. Apparently, they need her help to pay bills there. I want to wish them luck. She paid for very little here.
Bad news we got was my youngest daughter's boyfriend's Dad passed away Sunday night. My daughter felt horrible, because she was the last one to talk to him. She went in and said good night and a half hour later he was gone. She is having to grow up a little bit now. Seeing death has a way of doing that to you. She is being very supportive of the family, doing everything she can that they are too emotionally drained to think of. I am glad she is there. They really need her energy right now. Her boyfriend just went through back surgery and is in more pain than I know. He was very close to his dad and is just devastated. At least he was able to spend some good quality time with his dad the last few months.