Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yes!!! I'm Legal!!!

Today is the perfect end to a perfect three day weekend.
It started on Sunday. I took the day off because it was my birthday (I'm 58 now, I am proud to say) My oldest daughter took me to brunch at a local favorite restaurant. I had the waffles with fresh berries. Yum, yum! I also had a Mamosa. I don't drink much, so one small little champagne glass was just enough. We went to Serramonte so she could get her eyebrows done and then we came home.
I spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out on the computer and lounging around. Oh! We did put together a second Adirondack chair that I had purchased a few years back. (don't want to rush into these things ya know)
I also did a little warping of the loom, rather I starting warping. I want to weave a baby blanket for a great niece who is due in September. (Can't start early enough on these things...just in case it doesn't turn out like I want)
The for dinner my oldest daughter BBQ'd a steak for me and hot dogs for everyone else. She asked what I wanted for dinner, and we don't get steak much, so that is what I asked for. She made potato salad and a green salad as well. Dinner was delicious and the company was fun...We all got to laughing over some silly thing or another and had tears in our eyes before long. It felt wonderful.
Yesterday I took the S-10 to a mechanic recommended by my BIL. The mechanic looked through the paperwork I had gotten from my previous smog tests and told me the truck needs a catalytic converter. He doesn't do those, but the guy in back of him does.
I went over there for a quote and then told them I would need to see if there are enough funds for that. (It was cheap enough, but I still have bills to pay) I called them later and they had me bring it in today at 8AM.
I went down there this morning, the owner of the shop drove me home and told me it'd be about noon before they could finish. So I did all my housework. He picked me up and I paid him, got my truck and went directly to the smog check place. IT PASSED!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! So I went to DMV and got my tags. YAY! I finally don't have to freak out every time I see a cop or highway patrol. In fact, on my way home I saw a cop and said ninner ninner to him. Not so that he could hear me though.
What is left of my day, I think after I eat this really spicy burrito is a nice bike ride. I treated myself to a helmet today too!
Wish me luck! What are you all Yay'ing about today?

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