Monday, November 21, 2011

Okay, Suddenly, I can write a new post. What is blogger trying to tell me? Get with it? Get on it? Get off it? I dunno. I just know that yesterday and many days before that I couldn't write a post for either of my blogs. Not that I have had much to say. I have been weaving little. I have given myself lessons on the big loom and I like the results. I just need lots o' practice. It's still fun...when I get out there to the "Loom Room". Things have just moved forward here. I took my wild dog Trey to an actual dog park, where I could turn him loose and not be afraid of losing him. He did really well. He sniffed the other dogs and then went about his business of figuring out what the smell was along the fence line. I am so happy that he can go to this park. It will get some of his crazy energy out. Maybe even someday I wil be able to walk him like a real dog caregiver! Well, now that I can write, I will have to upload some pictures and share them. If I get to do that! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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